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MasterFibonacy is a trading software to take advantage of the behaiviour of Fibonacci Retracement and It works in NinjaTrader platform.

The idea of this way to process Fibonacci Retracement (Fibos) is of Rafael García, a Spanish professional trader.

The basic idea is that the Market has a fractal behaviour and that he behaviour in different time scales has a relation and this relationship depends on the  “Fibos”.

Master Fibonacci compares “Fibos” each other and looks for failures in the “Fibos” projections and corrections.

The failures of the “Fibos” will create new “Fibos” of a different level.

When a “Fibo” fails there is an entry opportunity for the trader and some of this failures give us a very good entry signal.

The problem of trading wit this Fibonacci analysis method is that it requires hard work for manual processing. Master Fibonacci, is doing this hard work letting th trader to focus in analysis and decisions, letting the software to do the tough task of FiboS procesing.


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